Tuesday, August 20, 2013

84th Snavely Family Reunion Minutes, Submitted by Elizabeth Kidston Davic, Secretary

The 84th Annual Snavely Reunion
Sunday, August 4, 2013
Morrison’s Cove Memorial Park
Martinsburg, PA

Attendance:  34 Adults, 5 Children

Doors to the banquet hall opened at 11:00 a.m. and family members began arriving.  Three rows of separate tables set for 8 persons each allowed families to sit together and also left plenty of room for the children to play while adults chatted.  

Rod Templon had a computer set up so that everyone could see and talk to Aunt Ada and Sonia through Skype.  It was wonderful for them to be a part of the day. 

At 12:30 p.m. George Ellis Snavely and Carol Snavely Zangrilli announced the luncheon was ready and asked all to take their place while Rod Templon led the invocation.  The menu included salad, bbq boneless chicken breast, steamed mixed vegetables, baked ziti with marinara sauce, rolls & butter, vegetables & dip, fresh fruit cups and an assortment of cakes and cookies.  All seemed pleased with the presentation, food quality & taste. 

Elizabeth Woomer and Carol Snavely Zangrilli conducted the children’s games followed the luncheon.

Business Meeting

George and Carol called the business meeting to order at 2:00 p.m. 

Announcements/Good of the Order followed:

  • Bonnie and Tom Snyder were not able to attend as they were attending the 25th Wedding Anniversary and renewal of vows for daughter Debbie and husband Jim Bear. 

  • Bob Stacey and wife Ginney lost their grandson Devin Stacey, age 17, in March. 

  • Ginney Stacey, wife of Bob, has stopped all treatments for cancer and is not expected to recover.

  • Dick and Linda Stacey lost their son Brian in a motorcycle accident September 2012.

  • Rodney had mugs made with the family crest and 84th Annual Reunion on one side and a photo of the 11 Snavely sisters and brother on the other.  They are available for a donation of $10, cost of the mug.

Carol Snavely Zangrilli, Treasurer, reported an opening balance today of $1108.  The hall and catering are expected to cost $843, gifts $48 and kids games $21, mugs $200 leaving a balance of -$8.  The anticipated balance at the end of today will be over $500 plus monies raised by auction.  This includes $10/person contribution toward meal and donations for mugs.

Carol opened the question of whether or not people were satisfied with the meal arrangements.  She proposed that the treasury support the dinner again next year.  A few suggestions were made for the menu, but consensus is that Carol makes the choices as best suits. 

George Snavely presented the 2013 Recognitions:

            Most Senior Woman:              Frances Snavely Woomer

            Most Senior Man:                   Leroy Demaree

            Youngest Child:                      Tanner Stroup, age 6, grandson of Dick and Linda Stacey

Largest Family:                       Eleanor Snavely Smith family including Joyce and John Anderson; Rod, Michelle and Andrew Templon; Donna Higginbotham; Kevin and Debbie Robison, daughters Madeline and Natalie & friend, 

Traveled Longest Distance:    Donna Higginbotham, 1073 miles from Palmetto Florida

Candy Jar Guess:                    105 pieces of candy.  Linda Stacey guessed 107 to win the prize.

Elizabeth Woomer suggested we have adult games next year, at least the balloon toss.

The meeting adjourned at 2:30 p.m. and concluded with singing the family hymn BLEST BE THE TIE THAT BINDS.

Dick Stacey conducted the auction assisted by sisters Lucy and Emily. 

Respectfully submitted,

Elizabeth Kidston Davic, Secretary

Granddaughter of Edith Snavely Thomas


Francis Woomer, Charles & Elizabeth Woomer

Leroy Demaree, David Demaree

George & Laura Snavely, Cara & Sara; Carol Snavely & Dave Zangrelli, Emily & Nicholas

Shirley Lytle, Jim Lytle, Al & Diane Lytle, Betty Lytle

Joyce & John Anderson; Rod, Michelle, Andrew Templon; Donna Higginbotham;

Kevin & Debbie Robison, Madeline, Natalie & friend

Dick & Linda Stacey, Tanner Stroup; Lucinda Arbogast Goss; Emily Bishop

Gladys Kidston; Judy & Jim Pellegrino; Betty & Bob Davic

~~~~~N O T I C E~~~~~


·         Doors open 11 a.m. and close at 4 p.m.

·         The meal will again be catered as required by contract

·         Families may bring anything special they wish.

·         Family contribution is requested at $10/person, $5/child, and payable at door.  The reunion treasury will support the balance.

·         Representatives for each of the 10 families are to contact Carol by July 15 with a final count for the caterer. 

Friday, February 22, 2013

Happy Birthday, George Washington Snavely!

Today marks the 100th birthday of our late, beloved patriarch George Snavely, or "Uncle George" to many of us.  We remember Uncle George fondly for his deep trove of Snavely lore, his wonderful sense of humor and his benign leadership of the family for oh, so many years. As you may remember, Uncle George departed this life peacefully on December 7, 2009, at the age of 96. I am sure that Carol and David, George and Laura and all their children miss their wonderful father and grandfather, as do we all.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Adeline Meyer Osterman

Courtesy of Bonnie Snyder, here is a photograph of Adeline Osterman, mother of Emily Osterman Snavely, Albert's wife. This means Adeline is the grandmother of the ten Snavely daughters and Uncle George. The makes her the great, great grandmother of my generation. According to my admittedly scanty records, Adeline was born in 1853, but I don't have any other information. Bonnie, Betty or others -- can you provide more?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Snavely Plots in Rosedale Cemetary, Altoona, PA

Last weekend Michelle and I drove out to Duncansville, PA to visit my mother while she was staying at Aunt Frances' house. While there, we helped Aunt Frances and Mom do a little cleanup at Aunt Izzie's and Uncle Ray's gravesite at Rosedale Cemetary, in Logan Township, just east of Altoona.

Here is a picture of Aunt Babe's grave. It looks like the Staceys are visiting regularly.

Alberta and Joe Wambaugh's headstone is near Babe's grave. The graves of Great Grandfather Albert and Great Grandmother Emily Snavely can be seen in the background, to the left of Babe's stone.

One interesting historical footnote: The once-famous Hollywood actress and gossip columnist Hedda Hopper (nee Elda Furry), known for her poison pen and wild hats, is also interred at Rosedale. She was born in Hollidaysburg, PA.

After we finished at the cemetary, Mom took us out to lunch at a nice restaurant. Then we took a little side trip to the Horseshoe Curve. Because the funicular ride was broken, Aunt Frances and I climbed the 194 stairs to the top of the curve. Here is a picture I took of Aunt Frances in front the the GP-9 diesel freight locomotive parked there.

Both Michelle and I had a very nice visit. Thank you, Aunt Frances, for being such a gracious host, and for helping me make it all the way up those stairs!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

81st Reunion Minutes by Secretary Elizabeth Kidston Davic

Betty Kidston Davic writes:

"Next year's reunion will again be held the first Sunday of August, 8/7/2011, at Morrison Cove Memorial Park in Martinsburg PA. As required by contract, we will have a catered luncheon. Cost will be $6/person payable at the door, with the reunion treasury picking up an additional $6/person. One representative from each family of the 10 sisters will need to contact George Snavely with a count by 7/15/2011.
As of yesterday, the Snavely Family now has a Facebook page with a link to the Snavely Blog Spot. We are hoping this will provide another opportunity for family members to keep in touch. Any facebook user who "likes" the page will receive postings from the Snavely page in their newsfeed. Please direct as many family members as you can. Note too that you can post to the wall as well as add photos.
Take care,

Betty Kidston Davic"

Following are the minutes of this year's family meeting, as recorded by Betty:

The 81st Snavely Reunion
Sunday, August 1, 2010
Morrison’s Cove Memorial Park
Martinsburg, PA
Attendance: 75

George E. Snavely called the gathering to lunch at 12:25 p.m. in the banquet hall and Rod Templon led the invocation. We are saddened by the loss of so many family members this past year and offer our condolences in the passing of:
Florence “Babe” Snavely Stacey, age 82, on October 19, 2009
George Washington Snavely, age 96, on December 7, 2009
Delores Demaree, age 82, on March 10, 2010
Isabelle “Izzy” Snavely Stiffler, age 93, on April 21, 2010

Business Meeting

George Snavely called the business meeting to order at 1:30 p.m.

Betty Davic, Secretary, read the 2009 minutes that were previously distributed by email and posted to the Snavely Blog maintained by Rod Templon. The minutes were accepted as read.

Carol Snavely Zangrilli, Treasurer, reported income of $320 from 2009 auction for beginning
total of $999.62. To be deducted are expenses of $225 for hall rental, $53.50 for gifts and $27.80 for games leaving a total of $692.29 in the treasury plus what is raised in the auction today. Note: 2010 auction income was $420.

Updated report received from Carol 8/3/10
Balance forward from August 2009 $ 999.62
Hall rental 225.00
Gifts 53.50
Kids games 27.83 (306.33)
Income from auction 420.00
Balance after August 1, 2010 reunion $1,113.29

Carol also reports that in order to contract the hall again next year we must accept a catered arrangement. She has negotiated with them the past few years to let us continue providing our own food but they will no longer agree to it. A new caterer is in charge and the food is reported to be very good. The cost will be about $11 per person plus tax and gratuity. This includes 3 hour hall rental and a nice meal such as chicken dinner, baked ziti, salad, rolls, dessert, coffee and iced tea. Discussion followed with support for Carol to follow through as she determines best. Linda Stacey knows the caterer and will help. Consensus was for treasury to support half the cost, individual families to pay half. Gloria Bader moved to accept recommendations. Bonnie Snyder seconded. Leroy Demaree contributed a third. All in agreement.

George Snavely presented the 2010 Recognitions:
Most Senior Woman: Ada Snavely Munchak at 87, to be 88 in October.
Cousin Kitty Chesney was closest at 87 in June.
Most Senior Man: Leroy Demaree, 81 years young.
Youngest Child: Nicholas James Brown, 2 years old
Born April 9, 2008 to Lana Lolos Brown, husband James, and big sister Angelina.
Largest Family: Joyce Anderson and Donna Higginbotham families had 15 in attendance.
Traveled Longest Distance: Ada Snavely Munchak and Sonia, Vero Beach FL
Candy Jar Guess: Tie: Tina Lytle guessed 95, Cindy Thurston 97.
Actual count is 96.
The number and choice of candy this year signified 74 Hershey Kisses in memory of Betty Snavely with additional 22 miniature Hershey bars for total of 96 Hershey chocolates in memory of George Snavely.

Announcements/Good of the Order:

• Donna Higginbotham asked that all join in a moment of silence for the loved ones we have lost this year.
• Donna Higginbotham announced granddaughter Natalie (Kevin’s oldest) graduated from Dubois Central Catholic HS this year and will attend Indiana University of Pennsylvania this fall.
• Bonnie Snyder announced grandson Kyle Baer graduated H.S. and will be attending Slippery Rock University this fall.
• Shirley Lytle announced her granddaughter (son Jim) graduated H.S. and will attend Radford University this fall.
• Sonia announced son Joshua graduated University of Central Florida this year.
• Sonia sends love from her family that could not attend, Christa stayed home with Steve so that Sonia and Ada could attend. Joshua thanks everyone for their support.
• Judy Pellegrino sends greetings and best wishes to all as she recuperates from knee replacement surgery 2 weeks ago. She expects to attend next year.
• Dick Stacey announced grandson Mitchell graduated from H.S. this year.
• Gary Stacey announced his daughter finished Master’s degree in counseling.
• Gary Stacey announced his newest grandson turned 1 this August.
• It is noted Dick Stacey will celebrate his 62nd birthday tomorrow, August 2 and is also celebrating his retirement.

• The meal will be catered. Families may bring anything special they wish.
• A representative for each of the 10 families are to contact George in July with a count for the caterer.
• The reunion treasury will support half the cost, families will pay $6/per person at the door.

Megan Templon led the family in singing 4 verses of the family hymn BLEST BE THE TIE THAT BINDS.

George Snavely called the meeting adjourned at 2:10 p.m.
Games for Children to follow immediately.
Dick and Gary Stacey will conduct the auction assisted by Frances Woomer following the children’s games.

Respectfully submitted,

Elizabeth Kidston Davic, Secretary
Granddaughter of Edith Snavely Thomas

Friday, April 23, 2010

Obituary of Isabelle Louise (Snavely) Stiffler

Our beloved Aunt Izzy passed away on Wednesday, April 21, 2010. Here is her obituary, as it appeared in The Altoona Mirror on April 23:

"Isabelle Louise (Snavely) Stiffler, 93, formerly of Albion, Pa., and Willoughby, Ohio, and originally from Altoona, died Wednesday at St. Mary's Home of Erie-East.

She was born in Altoona to the late Albert Ellis and Emily Mae (Osterman) Snavely, the eighth of 11 children. She married Raymond M. Stiffler on Aug. 16, 1941, and he preceded her in death in 1982 after 41 years of marriage.

Surviving are two children: Bonnie L. Snyder (Tom) of Cranesville and the Rev. Martin J. Stiffler (Joann) of Crestline, Ohio; five grandchildren: Debbie Baer (Jim) of Erie, Kim Popella (Mike) of Grove City, Jonathan Stiffler (Jessica) of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, Kristin Rickel (Scott) of Crestline, Ohio and Jefferey Stiffler of Mansfield, Ohio; seven great-grandchildren; two sisters: Ada Munchak (Steve) of Sebastion, Fla., and Frances Woomer of Altoona; as well as many nieces and nephews who called her "Aunt Izzy."

She was preceded in death by a brother, George; and seven sisters: Alberta Wambaugh, Edith Thomas, Violet Demeree, Eleanor Smith Seibert, Emily Lytle, Helen Boore and Florence "Babe" Stacey.

Isabelle was a 1934 graduate of Altoona High School. She worked in the sewing factory and the A&P Bakery in Altoona, where she met her husband. She was a member of the Albion Grace United Methodist Church, the church sewing circle (RSVP) and the Altoona Area High School Alumni Association.

Izzy lived a very simple life that included the love of her life, Ray, her children and their spouses, her grandchildren and great-grandchildren, her church and the Snavely clan. She enjoyed sewing and was an avid reader of the Altoona Mirror.

Friends will be received from 10 to the 11 a.m. funeral service Saturday, April 24, 2010, at Liebegott-Brown Funeral Home Inc., 1218 Fourth Ave., Duncansville (http://www.liebegottbrown.com/). Isabelle's son, the Rev. Martin Stiffler, will conduct the service. Burial at Rose Hill Cemetery, Altoona.

Memorials may be made to St. Mary's Home of Erie-East, 607 E. 26th St., Erie, PA 16404."

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Obituary of Dolores Demaree

DEMAREE DOLORES DOWNEY DEMAREE (Age 81) On Wednesday, March 10, 2010, at home in Alexandria, VA. Beloved wife of Leroy; devoted mother of David and Donald; cherished grandmother of Diana, Dennis, Derek, Kristen and her husband, David; loving sister of Patricia McArtor and Carol Ann Dienes. Also survived by daughters-in-law, Kathy and Eileen, as well as many nieces and nephews. Friends will be received on Sunday, March 14 from 5 to 8 p.m. at the EVERLY-WHEATLEY FUNERAL HOME, 1500 W. Braddock Rd., Alexandria, VA. Mass of Christian Burial will be offered from Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church, 1427 W. BraddockRd., Alexandria, on Monday, March 15 at 11 a.m. Interment Mount Comfort Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Capital Hospice, 5568 Gen. Washington Dr., Alexandria, VA 22312.